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Global Enhancing Courses for Indonesians

Introduction to Management

with Prof. Lavi Lavelle 
University of Paradigm

New York, USA.

Pengantar Managemen

No More Language Barrier

Our courses are accessible in Bahasa Indonesia

Alghony Academy offers courses from top global universities and experts for Indonesians interested in learning about a variety of subjects from professional studies and technology to history, philosophy, literature, and many more. All courses are reformatted by our team of pedagogical experts to fit Indonesian learning styles, thereby making them more accessible to our clients. All of our courses will be offered bilingually in both English and IndonesianOur goal is to assist Indonesians in gaining access to previously inaccessible knowledge beyond their home country free from linguistic and cultural barriers.

Your Go-to Platform for Global Knowledge


Your Go-to Platform for Global Knowledge

Unlimited Courses

Learn countless subjects from leading experts in the world


If you are not fluent in English, don't worry! Our courses and modules are specifically designed for Indonesians and will be available in Indonesian.  


For $15 per month you will be able to obtain professional certificate for each course completed 

How it Works


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Professional Certificate 

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Tsamara Amany, CEO

Tsamara is the Co-Founder and CEO of Alghony Academy.  In 2019, she ran for parliament as the youngest legislative candidate and received the second most votes in her electoral district. Tsamara believes that business can be a powerful tool for effecting social change, and is building Alghony to fill the educational gaps in Indonesia. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree at New York University.


Ismail Fajrie Alatas, CAO

Prof. Alatas is the Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of Alghony Academy. He is currently an assistant professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and History at New York University, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses that bridge the disciplines of anthropology, history, and religious studies. His courses are designed to develop comparative and connective perspective to different geographic areas and time periods, and motivate critical thinking on dominant social scientific concepts, theories, and methodologies


Alghony's plan to democratize Ed-tech in Indonesia is a noble and revolutionary idea!

Jonathan Farchi-Segal, CEO of Equity Portal


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